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September 26, 2023

Zline Bakery at IBA 2023 In Munich

We are excited to announce that Zline Bakery Machinery Company will be showing our latest equipment at the upcoming International Bakery Exhibition (IBA) in Munich, Germany from October 22-26, 2023.


IBA is the largest and most famous bakery expo in the world,Which is the prefect platform for us to show our top equipment and connect with other industry professionals.


At our booth, you can see some of our core equipment such as Cake aeration machine、bread forming machine、pastry line and so on.


If you attend this bakery show, you have the opportunity to meet our boss and engineer. They will give you more information about our top equipment and turn-key solution for baking process, like pizza、donut、pastry、bread and etc. From dough hopper to package.We can help you improve efficiency and save cost.Meet your special demand according to your project.


We feel very happy and honored to be a part of IBA and are looking forward to meet you at our booth. Don’t miss the precious opportunity.

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